Magical Tzfas
the city of Kabala
in the shadows of Meiron
Welcome to the Home of the Arizal

On Our Tour You Will See

The Holy Shuls of Tzfas
filled with history, hopes and tears
visit the famous shuls and hear their unique stories and legends. From the Abuhav's Shul from Spain, the the Alshich and his holy laws, the Banai and the Sanhedrin, to the piety of the Avritch, the Arizal, Bais Yosef and more.
The Holy Cemetery of Tzfas
your prayers will ascend on wings of giants
Where on earth can you stand before such a concentration of holy souls. Stand before a generation of giants lying next to each other. Pour out your heart. Feel the holiness, bask in the glow.
Art Galleries of Tzfas
where art & mysticism converge
Creative minds are attracted to Tzfas. Behind its gallery windows you will meet all sort of interesting artists and discover art that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Whether its Kaszmacher's mystical paintings, interesting jewlery or the famous candle factory, you will be amazed at the work!

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