Carmel Route to Tzfas
On the Carmel Route to Tzfas there is a colorful array of activities for adults and kids alike. The lush mountains have great fun hidden deep within. Historical sites, incredible wineries, quaint towns, fun activities, and amazing spice market as well action packed activities.
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Galil Route Options

The Carmel is one of the beautiful and lush and overlooked regions of Israel. Stretching from Zichron Yaakov & Yokneam at the Southern edge of the Carmel Mountain range all the way to Haifa in the North, there is mush to see and do. You can enjoy a walk on one othe most beautifu beaches in Israel, a visit to the cliffs edge and hear the story of Eliyahu and the showdown with the false Neviim that happened there. You can enjoy horseback riding bow & arrow and ATV riding. You can enjoy historical museums, veggie picking & a real papermaking workshop. The list goes on and on...

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